How I am currently dealing with Perioral Dermatitis


I haven’t posted in a really long time but recently my lovely little Nan passed away so time has slipped away from me. This evidentially has also made me defer my uni exams.

But today I wanted to share how I’ve been recently dealing with perioral dermatitis. Which I was so self conscious about I even wore make up in front of my family because I was so embarrassed.

At first I thought I had extremely bad chin acne but it did not look like acne as it wasn’t cystic rather just red spots grouped together coming from around my nose and all round my mouth. And it was also very dry and flakey.

I had never heard of periroal dermatitis and only had it been confirmed after I stopped using fragrances products. I also found that eating more healthily started to clear it up. I read that in order for it to go away I had to stop using all fragranced products. This means sadly I haven’t been able to test any new products or even use face masks unless it’s for my forehead. 

So I have only been using Simple skin care products as when I was younger and had sensitive skin my doctor recommended only using simple shower gel. Since it has no perfumes or harsh chemicals. So I thought maybe it will work for my face too. These are the only products I have used. 

I have been using the simple cleansing gel and the simple light moisturiser. 

I also try not wear make up as often. But of course you still can I still do whenever I have to leave the house but on days i don’t need to go anywhere I don’t wear any. 

I also noticed that it particularly flares up around my time of the month. I read that even if it clears up to continue to use the unfragranced products as it could come back again.

Although it hasn’t totally cleared up I am soooo impressed without much it has improved. Even my family have noticed a real difference. 
I hope this blog would be able to help anyone who thinks or is dealing with periroal dermatitis. And if you are please hang in there. I know how unsightly it is and can make you self conscious but stopping using any kind of unfragranced products should do the trick. I would also recommend to see your doctor. Can I also just remind everyone that of course I am not a doctor or a dermatologist this is just what has worked for me. 

Thank you so much if you have taken the time to read my blog today. I hope you are well.  And hopefully I will be making frequent posts again soon.
Much love, 

Robyn xxx


Winter Skincare Essentials




Heyyyy, so I guess I’m not very good at posting regularly but in the new year I’m going to try my hardest to do so. But today I wanted to share with you a just a few of my winter skin care essentials. So let’s get to it!

First up is my Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser 50ml jar  £20.25. I love this! It is the perfect, rich moisturiser for when your skin really needs some tlc in these winter months. I only use it when my face is going through a particularly dry period as like I said it can be very rich for everyday use. A bonus, which I always seem to mention on this blog, is that it smells soo good! It is slighty on the pricer side but I can say it is definitely worth paying for. And when you only use it through the dry spells it doesn’t get used up as much either.

Next, is my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.50. My lips being dry and flakey is just a standard effect of winter so this is perfect to get rid of all that dead skin. I usually scoop a little out with my finger and massage it on a bit first, then use my lips to massage it a bit further. It’s such a treat as the smell and taste is amazing; its just like bubblegum flavoured sugar.

Lastly, is Caramex Lip Balm £1.79. I swear by this lip balm! The combination of the regular use of the lip scrub and then applying this afterwards will have your lips soft in no time. You can get this in different flavours like cherry or mint. You can really feel it getting to work straight away which I really like. This is a drugstore product but gives great results.  I take mine everywhere.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and find these products as useful as I do. I will more than likely be posting throughout the festive period. Let me know if you’d like me to do any specific blog posts in the comments or if you guys have ever used these products as well. I hope you are all well and are enjoying your Christmas holidays so far 🙂

Much love,


Robyn x