How I am currently dealing with Perioral Dermatitis


I haven’t posted in a really long time but recently my lovely little Nan passed away so time has slipped away from me. This evidentially has also made me defer my uni exams.

But today I wanted to share how I’ve been recently dealing with perioral dermatitis. Which I was so self conscious about I even wore make up in front of my family because I was so embarrassed.

At first I thought I had extremely bad chin acne but it did not look like acne as it wasn’t cystic rather just red spots grouped together coming from around my nose and all round my mouth. And it was also very dry and flakey.

I had never heard of periroal dermatitis and only had it been confirmed after I stopped using fragrances products. I also found that eating more healthily started to clear it up. I read that in order for it to go away I had to stop using all fragranced products. This means sadly I haven’t been able to test any new products or even use face masks unless it’s for my forehead. 

So I have only been using Simple skin care products as when I was younger and had sensitive skin my doctor recommended only using simple shower gel. Since it has no perfumes or harsh chemicals. So I thought maybe it will work for my face too. These are the only products I have used. 

I have been using the simple cleansing gel and the simple light moisturiser. 

I also try not wear make up as often. But of course you still can I still do whenever I have to leave the house but on days i don’t need to go anywhere I don’t wear any. 

I also noticed that it particularly flares up around my time of the month. I read that even if it clears up to continue to use the unfragranced products as it could come back again.

Although it hasn’t totally cleared up I am soooo impressed without much it has improved. Even my family have noticed a real difference. 
I hope this blog would be able to help anyone who thinks or is dealing with periroal dermatitis. And if you are please hang in there. I know how unsightly it is and can make you self conscious but stopping using any kind of unfragranced products should do the trick. I would also recommend to see your doctor. Can I also just remind everyone that of course I am not a doctor or a dermatologist this is just what has worked for me. 

Thank you so much if you have taken the time to read my blog today. I hope you are well.  And hopefully I will be making frequent posts again soon.
Much love, 

Robyn xxx


Setting Sprays

Hiiii, again I haven’t posted in so long but¬†uni is just so busy and any free time I have I’m either sleeping or working ūüė¶ rip. Anyway on to today’s post.

I’d always seen people using setting sprays but never actually bought any of my own. But with working in a hot resteraunt running back and forward, walking in¬†the temperamental weather of Scotland to uni and back, I really needed my make up to last all day. I have to admit the ones I have tried are no mircle wokers but I have seen a huge¬†improvement.

The first one I bought was¬†MAC Prep +¬†Prime Fix which can I just say smells amazing! It is so refreshing so I always¬†end up spraying far too much and fanning my face for ages. I found that my make up did last longer than it would without it but I have a tendency to have a very sweaty nose and cheeks so my foundation did come off a bit. However, usually when I pat it dry all of my foundation comes off but I’ve noticed when using this my foundation doesn’t come off completely. I also found that this spray gives you a lovely glow and seems to bring all your make up together.

I also bought Urban Decay¬†All Nighter Setting Spray¬†¬†which I admit doesn’t give as a refreshing feeling as mac prep and prime which I think is because it is oil free. BUT I tested this out at work and after an 8 hour shift of sweat and heat my foundation was still on! even around my nose area. I was so impressed. Also, have you guys read the reviews on this? Some of them are so weird and¬†funny.

Overall. I have my days where I prefer which spray to use. MAC I use when I know I’m doing everyday, light activities and would like a refreshing spray and a nice glow. Where as working¬†or night outs I would¬†prefer to use urban decay so¬†my make up¬†stays put all night. I also bought the travel sizes in both as I wanted to test them before I went and bought the full sized bottles and maybe ended up not liking them. But, I will for sure be purchasing both full sizes.

UD All Nighter Setting Spray £22

MAC Prep + Prime Fix £17.50

I will try to most more but my uni assessments are over the next 3 weeks but after that I am off for the Christmas holidays. Maybe I could do Christmas blog posts because I LOVE Christmas so so much!!  I hope you are all well & if you are also at uni doing assessments good luck & try not to be too stressed.

p.s let me know what setting sprays you guys like¬†using¬†ūüôā


Much love Robyn x


Current favourites

Hi everyone,

So it’s been two months since I last posted. Life has been extremely busy especially since I¬†started my first job in¬†August and¬†university in September, which has brought on an array of emotions – particularly stress.

However, while I’ve been away I have¬†been loving¬†a few make-up and skin care products so I thought today I would share them with you all.


Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask

With the stress of university my skin has definitely been suffering with big breakouts. I also find facemasks a way to wind down as¬†I find them very relaxing when I need a time out or when I have a little pamper session. Once a week, sometimes two, I have been using this face mask which I¬†received as a sample¬†from Glossybox. It is a great detoxifying mask. I have noticed my breakouts appear less red and¬†that my skin feels more clean and fresh. However, I wouldn’t recommend for dry skin types. Since I have combination skin: frequent breakouts and very dry cheeks, I usually only apply to my problematic areas which has been my chin and forehead leaving out my cheeks and making sure to add a moisturiser afterwards.




NARS Sheer Glow

Recently I made a trip to Harvey Nichols on the look out for a new high-end¬†foundation. I had heard so many good reviews of sheer glow especially for combination skin.¬† I struggled to find how to apply it at first. I firstly applied with my fingers which I liked but hated touching my face with my hands. I found that my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush applied and blended the foundation perfectly. For those drier¬†days I would probably apply with a damp beauty blender so it doesn’t stick to my dry patches as most foundations tend to do¬†that. I would also say that a little goes a long way as I use one and a half pumps which gives a medium coverage, however it is buildable and could easily just be a light coverage or heavy coverage. The foundation appears to be quite matte at first however it begins to oxidise quickly while still staying quite matte but still with a bit of a glow to it. Since I like that extra glow, of course, I add a highlighter to the tops of my cheeks, under my brows and on the tip of my nose.


Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil in Light/Medium

With my summer tan fading as we head into autumn and winter my favourite seasons!¬†My new foundation although matches well makes me look rather pale. This is where bronzer comes in¬†and¬†this one by Too Faced¬†is amazing.¬†¬†¬†It’s matte and very natural, not orange. A nice neutral tone which gives my ghost like face a light, natural¬†bronze. It is¬†very blendable and buildable so it can get darker from more of a day time look to a night-time look. Even more of a bonus it actually smells like chocolate mmmm.¬†¬†I’m not one for contouring so I just applying it in a 3 shape on my face;¬†on my cheek bones and up towards my temples.


Too faced Better than Sex Mascara

Another Two Faced product and probably my favourite products of all recently. Better than Sex Mascara makes your lashes look as¬†clich√©¬†as it sounds¬†but¬†as if you’re wearing false lashes. Extra length¬†even without an eye lash curler and fullness with just two coats. I had so many compliments on my eye lashes.¬†The only downfall is that it¬†does get quite flaky and fall down under your eyes but is easily wiped away.



I hope you¬†have all been well sorry for being away so long and consider buying these products as I can’t recommend them enough.

See you next time,

Much love, Robyn x