Setting Sprays

Hiiii, again I haven’t posted in so long but¬†uni is just so busy and any free time I have I’m either sleeping or working ūüė¶ rip. Anyway on to today’s post.

I’d always seen people using setting sprays but never actually bought any of my own. But with working in a hot resteraunt running back and forward, walking in¬†the temperamental weather of Scotland to uni and back, I really needed my make up to last all day. I have to admit the ones I have tried are no mircle wokers but I have seen a huge¬†improvement.

The first one I bought was¬†MAC Prep +¬†Prime Fix which can I just say smells amazing! It is so refreshing so I always¬†end up spraying far too much and fanning my face for ages. I found that my make up did last longer than it would without it but I have a tendency to have a very sweaty nose and cheeks so my foundation did come off a bit. However, usually when I pat it dry all of my foundation comes off but I’ve noticed when using this my foundation doesn’t come off completely. I also found that this spray gives you a lovely glow and seems to bring all your make up together.

I also bought Urban Decay¬†All Nighter Setting Spray¬†¬†which I admit doesn’t give as a refreshing feeling as mac prep and prime which I think is because it is oil free. BUT I tested this out at work and after an 8 hour shift of sweat and heat my foundation was still on! even around my nose area. I was so impressed. Also, have you guys read the reviews on this? Some of them are so weird and¬†funny.

Overall. I have my days where I prefer which spray to use. MAC I use when I know I’m doing everyday, light activities and would like a refreshing spray and a nice glow. Where as working¬†or night outs I would¬†prefer to use urban decay so¬†my make up¬†stays put all night. I also bought the travel sizes in both as I wanted to test them before I went and bought the full sized bottles and maybe ended up not liking them. But, I will for sure be purchasing both full sizes.

UD All Nighter Setting Spray £22

MAC Prep + Prime Fix £17.50

I will try to most more but my uni assessments are over the next 3 weeks but after that I am off for the Christmas holidays. Maybe I could do Christmas blog posts because I LOVE Christmas so so much!!  I hope you are all well & if you are also at uni doing assessments good luck & try not to be too stressed.

p.s let me know what setting sprays you guys like¬†using¬†ūüôā


Much love Robyn x